Other Disorders

There are many types of mental health disorders. You may be suffering from an affliction that was not listed on our website. Please be aware that our professionals are trained to handle a wide variety of disorders and can assist you in your search for care.

For the sake of organization and presentation we did not list all the disorders that we treat. Some examples of disorders not listed include neurodevelopmental disorders: such as Autism, learning disorders, and communication disorders. You may be seeking information on specific types of anxiety related disorders like phobias, panic disorders, and obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). There are also somatic related disorders and sexual dysfunction

There are some conditions that require a wider range of care. For example, eating disorders and addiction disorders often have treatment teams for inpatient or intensive outpatient (IOP) programs. Our staff have worked with many teams, especially local groups, and can coordinate care to provide medicine or therapy in conjunction with some treatment programs. If this is the case, please inform our staff of involvement in other programs prior to beginning care at our clinic. We will work with you to ensure the appropriate treatment plan is made to reduce any possible conflicts and provide you with the care you deserve.

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